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Thursday, April 12, 2012

42,000 Year-Old Baby Mammoth Frozen in Ice

"Lyuba" courtesy of National
One amazing scientific breakthrough in recent years is the discovery in Russia of a baby woolly mammoth frozen in ice for more than 40,000 years! This animal from a long extinct species has been perfectly preserved in ice. This discovery could give concrete information about the last ice age.

A Siberian nomad found the freezing mammoth five years ago in Russia and turned it over to scientists who named it Lyuba.

According to the curator of the Shemanovsky Museum, Galina Karzanova, "Lyuba has a trunk and it's almost intact, and this is the most fragile part of the mammoth, so she's very rare because she has the trunk… also, her ears are more or less still there. Her skin is intact, which is very rare, and what is most important for scientists are her inner organs. Her intestines, her insides, are more or less there."

Scientists are taking the baby mammoth in major cities in Asia until 2013.

News Video Courtesy of Reuters and

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