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Thursday, April 12, 2012

North Korean UNHA-3 Rocket Has Been Launched

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News broadcasts has confirmed that North Korea has launched its UNHA-3 Rocket, which will purportedly bring its weather satellite into orbit after the postponement yesterday. However, according to reports, the launch has been a failure. It has broken apart shortly after launch.

For the past weeks, the nations in Asia have been monitoring this event seriously and even condemning it. While the North Korean government claims that, they are just launching into orbit a weather satellite, neighboring nations fear that this is a ballistic missile test, which is a clear violation of a UN directive for North Korea to stop all rocket tests.

Japan has warned that it will shoot down the rocket once it enters Japanese air space. South Korea has said the same. The Philippine government meanwhile has advised its citizens at the eastern coastline to refrain from going out into the sea to avoid any possible falling debris from the Nokor rocket. The government has also suspended airline operations along the eastern section of the country.

Well, I guess the failure of UNHA-3 rocket launch will erase all political qualms even just temporarily.

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