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Monday, December 10, 2012

Pacquiao’s Defeat

I was not able to watch the fight live yesterday. We were in church and we attended an important church activity. We got home at around two-thirty in the afternoon; just in time for the delayed telecast. It was already on the explosive third round when Marquez scored the first knock down of the match.

At that time, a friend already text-ed me that Pacquiao lost by knock out in the sixth round. I was a bit shocked and was still expecting that I misunderstood the message. So I went on to see the succeeding rounds.

I felt Pacquiao was in control of the match. He was at his usual agility, speed and strength. When he scored a knock out in the fifth round and almost pulverized Marquez with one-two combinations, which left the Mexican fighter bleeding on his face, I thought I just misunderstood the text message I received earlier.

Finally, in the sixth round, I felt Pacquiao was smoking hot. I thought I saw Marquez’ mouth piece even sliding out. Toward the final seconds, I was convinced Manny was winning the fight big time. Suddenly, I saw him fall face down almost lifeless. I was stunned! It was dreadful! Manny was hit by a lucky punch! It was unbelievable!

I do not mean to offend Marquez and his followers. I say it is a lucky punch because I feel that it has come just by accident. I do not mean to undermine Marquez’ skill and the effort he has put into his training. I also believe he deserves the victory this time.

Obviously, Manny became too reckless in this fight. Perhaps over confidence got the better of him. If there will be a next fight between the two gallant fighters, Manny should keep this lesson in mind.

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