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Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Blogging Promotion Tools

I think so many things have happened in the blogosphere since I have been thrown into a compulsory blogging vacation. It’s only now that I have learned that Entrecard has closed shop. I used to be an Entrecard user although I have not been very diligent in doing the clicks. Even so, I can say that the Entrecard widget has helped promote my blog in the worldwide web. Best regards to the developers.

I must admit that I miss Adgitize. It has offered the perfect blogging tool for bloggers both for professional and amateur. In fact, my blog posting have started to decline since Adgitize has ceased operation. Where else can a blogger earn points by just posting an article and then convert those points into dollars?

With Adgitize and Entrecard gone, I need new blogging promotion tools, which I can use to promote my blogs. Of course, Google Adwords is still a perfect choice but I don’t have much to spend. Besides, I do not run a business blog.

The only free ad service I know is Ads by Project Wonderful although I have not actually maximized my ad campaigns there. Perhaps, having a little more diligence in exploring more possibilities and making those possibilities work positively would make a big difference.

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