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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pacquiao and Mayweather Will Finally Meet, in Court

Image c/o Philippine News Daily

News reports say that the much awaited Pacquiao–Mayweather fight is most likely to happen in court after a federal judge denies Mayweather’s motion to dismiss Pacquiao’s defamation lawsuit. We can remember that Mayweather and his group have accused Pacquiao of taking illegal drugs to enhance his strength.

Pacquiao could not take that silly, malicious and unfounded accusation and his fans support him in this battle. He needs to demand retribution since he is no longer an ordinary boxer; he is now a Representative of a Congressional District in the province of Saranggani, Philippines. His reputation is even much more important for himself and for his constituents.

 Many say that he should just ignore Mayweather’s malicious insinuations because he doesn’t even deserve any attention but I fully support his legal action because a civilized society must not tolerate any person making slanderous statements that have no basis at all. Otherwise, it would be tantamount to withholding people of their basic human rights. It is like returning to a barbaric age where we can strip people of their dignity and get away just like that.

If the battle between the two boxers cannot commence on the ring, perhaps in court they can settle things as they should be.

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