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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Funny Email, Ruth Handler and her Barbie

I have received a funny email this morning. It is all about the amusing experiences that come with technological advancement in the years that has gone by. People meet many friends but when you ask them who their friends are, they would tell you weird names like butterfly1870, handsomeguy24 or sexygirl21. It reveals how people especially the younger generation have immersed themselves in internet chat. Imagine, you send email to a person just beside your table or send short messages (SMS Text messages) to a friend next door. You would say that you could not keep in touch with friends and relatives because you do not have their email addresses. Technology sometimes makes us do some silly things. It is amazing to think in a sense that gadgets like: cellular phones, digital cameras, laptop computers and net-books have become so important while for the past so many years, people have been living peacefully without those things.

In the email is a picture of “Barbie” (doll) in her 50’s. It looks silly as well. Actually, I have no idea that Barbie has turned 50 last 2009. Perhaps, I have just missed the announcement that time. It is funny to think that “Barbie” is now a very old woman. I guess she is one part of our generation’s yesteryears that shall remain even in many years to come. Not everything old is worthless after all.

Ruth Handler
The creator of “Barbie” is Ruth Handler. She has named her new doll after her daughter Barbara who loves to play with paper dolls and making them act like adults. In one of her trips in Europe, a fashion doll amused her dearly, which she has found in a Swiss shop. The doll’s name is “Bild Lilli doll”. She has worked on the necessary changes she wants and has named the doll “Barbie”. She has given Mattel Toy Company undeniable fortune and fame.

Ruth has died of colon cancer on April 27, 2002.

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  1. Yes, you are right. Us, people have been so dependent on technology. I remember, during the 1990 earthquake, almost everyone I know was having a hard time finding means to contact their relatives in other affected places. But today.. because of technology even if you're in the middle of the war in Libya, you could still update everyone through the internet.
    I was even able to blog during the height of Typhoon Ondoy...Luckily, it didn't affect our antenna that time.

    BTW, that pic of Barbie was hilarious. I will definitely show it to my daughters.

  2. Thanks Cee. I'm sure your daughters will definitely laugh at the picture.


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