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Friday, May 27, 2011

Shara Lin Yixin: A One Girl Band

I am watching the early evening news when the news item about Shara Lin Yixin, a Taiwanese girl who has an incredible talent in music has grabbed my interest. She can play the piano, violin and the zither (a kind of stringed musical instrument) with equal ease.

She looks amazing as she puts together the sounds of the three instruments in one musical piece although not all at the same time but one after the other (piano and zither together at some point). Still, it is not easy to do such a musical feat. If you were not looking, you would think that there are three people playing the music. I am myself a musician so I can say with conviction that it is a great ability. I would be able to do a similar act only on a Yamaha Electone Organ, but that is a mere simulation. Playing the real instruments, the way she has done is different definitely.

Perhaps, it is extra-ordinary. I do not know why she needs to do it that way because it looks a little impractical and uncomfortable but I believe she has done it well.

You can view the video in You Tube but since the video site provides an “embed code” option, I have embedded the video here. Try to watch it to see for yourself.

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1 comment:

  1. That was really cool ...maybe she just need to show off everything she could do at one time :-)


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